Social Enterprise





To inspire girls to embrace and celebrate individuality


We promote uniqueness

We encourage self-confidence

We Bring out the Best in others

We celebrate who we are

What is the DRESSED in CONFIDENCE Workshop?

Workshops for young ladies aged between 11- 18 which focus on the development of self-esteem, confidence and courage using a variety of communications such as  art, movement (runway walk and pose) photoshoot, open discussions and interactivity. At the end of the workshops girls reveal their new found style and confidence through the form of a fashion show to friends and family.


Our Goal

To provide the essential skills teenage girls  require to help them reach their full potential that will enable them to Bring out their Best!


Customised Workshops:

These programs  can be run in youth groups, schools, corporate, churches and Private Training institutions in New Zealand.  We can cater the workshops to suit different audiences ensuring the content is relevant and current.

For more information – [email protected]