Exclusive Imprint

The annual Hunters Plaza Shopping Centre White Sunday Fashion Show is an exclusive concept of Nora’s.

Nora has been hosting the fashion shows since 2012 and the themes have been based on the traditional Samoan ‘White Sunday’ theme with subsequent themes.

The fashion events have also included free makeovers and personal shopping experiences with Nora.

Testimonials from mothers who nominated their daughters for the free makeovers:

Thank you so much for making my baby girl look so beautiful in her stunning dress.
She was so overwhelmed and still buzzing over the whole experience.
I was so blown away and amazingly shocked how beautiful she looked when she came out in her lovely dress.
We had an awesome chat after when we got home…. and she was asking about girlie stuff…. goodbye tom-boy (fingers crossed) lol…. I’ve got a girlie-girl YAY!!!!
Thank you again as you’ve been a saving grace for me I now cant wait as Im so looking forward to going shopping with her as she’s now keen to look at dresses, instead of sports tshirts and shorts. xox

Sheila Davis -Leila’s mum

Hey Nora, just wanted to say Thank You so much for having Em in your show. It was really exciting to watch something like that especially in South Auckland. Shame they don’t have them more often. You and your crew did a brilliant job organising the event and presenting our children beautifully. You should be very proud of yourself xox

Sal Millward -Emma’s mum

I’m so proud of my niece Devin Molloy; she did awesome today at Nora Swann’s Fashion Show/Makeover Reveal at Hunters Plaza this afternoon. Your uncle and I are so so proud of how far you have come Dev, and with everything else you have lined up for you, we know you are going to excel on a path of your choosing, with our help and guidance to the best of our ability, and as long as we all work together, everything will fall into place. I dont have enough words to thank my friend Nora and Kila’s Style Crew for what they have done for Dev today, and look forward to the many more shows in the future. Congratulations again for a successful show, and well done again Dev, we love you ♥

Susan Aratere -Devin’s aunt

2012 poster

2013 poster

kids 2014

Kids modelling for fashion show 2014


2014 poster

The 2015 fashion show showcased kids fashion only so we decided to have a bit of fun. Along with our traditional White Sunday theme there was a  ‘FRENZIED FUN’ theme where we put together some ‘bubblegum pop’ outfits as well as ‘boys and their toys’ looks.

We then decided to let a child capture the show on their ‘kid cam’