Fashion Styling


Nojaenettera offers consultancy services to television and print advertising campaigns, music videos, concert performances, celebrities, models, public figures and retail stores that transform a brand’s image. Her focal responsibilities are to select the clothing and accessories and work in collaboration with a variety of creatives to put together looks or themes for specific projects.







17355141_1281773021877385_76581312_nStyling work with Auckland musician Lanzwel

Styling work with talented Auckland musician Lanzwel




My styling work on the cover of SUGA Magazine’s Special Edition Fashion 2016 print magazine.

Collaboration with VARU and Staviaas.








Major styling collaboration with PAGANI, Taking Shape, Dane Dagger Fashion, Colette Jewelry and Number One Shoes for SUGA Magazine’s One Thousand Ropes editorial




Personal Styling

SarahNora facilitates workshops within corporate and community environments that enable her to assist individuals to better understand the importance of first impressions and a groomed appearance.
Your confidence and performance is dependent on your self-image and it is Nora’s role to educate, motivate and empower you so your image is a true representation of self-embodiment yet still in accordance with your workplace or industry standard.

These workshops can be tailored to suit the needs of the individual organisations