The build up to my New Year’s Eve outfit The ultra-long, baby pink, busy, fluffy, frilly, tulle skirt with diamantes which screamed my name!


We’re 11 days out from the New Year so I’d better start thinking about my NYE outfit……

My husband Conroy mentioned doing our norm NYE routine of bar hopping , maybe a bit of gambling at the casino and some cocktails; the ultimate date night. We’ll most likely do this but the only thing on my mind is ‘What am I going to wear?’

At the moment only my shoes are sorted. I got some new shoes for the dancing stylist video clip and I up-styled them by adding some wooden clips to bring them to life. Now to find the perfect outfit to suit these shoes.


The before and after…

9 days and counting……

As much as I’d love to go and check out my favourite vintage store in the city I don’t have the time so I’ve settled for my local. I’ve always been an ‘op-shopper’. That horrid thought of wearing something the same as someone else gives me goose bumps. This is why I like to ‘up-style’ pieces or layer a lot of my outfits because it creates an entire new look – new vibe. It’s the confirmation that no one is going to have the same look as me.

So I walk in and all I see is a sea of red cocktail dresses for the festive season on display.

Note to self: ‘Don’t wear a red dress’. I check out the dresses section first, starting with my favourite; long and baggy with a print. Nothing jumps out at me. I go through the single coloured dresses aisle, more zzzzzs. I then go through the short dresses looking for bizarre prints, flamboyance, extreme proportions and I find a few. So I try them on but when I look at myself in the mirror nothing screams ‘Heeeck Yes!’

Disappointed I consider wearing separates and just as I walk towards the skirts section; this ultra-long, baby pink, busy, fluffy, frilly, tulle skirt with diamantes is SCREAMING my name and it’s in my size. What a bowling STRIKE moment!!

Then just like that I envision my NYE outfit and it doesn’t include my new shoes I originally picked…


We’re now a week out from the New Year and I’ve had a couple of nights to think about the different pieces I could team up with the skirt. I decide that I want to wear it with one of these babies however I’m just trying to make my mind up on which tee and how I’d like to wear it. This will come to me once I have a little play around.


So I’m now all sorted with my NYE outfit a week in advance and it allows me to focus on the little things that will help give me that polished look from head to toe!


Don’t forget the cherries!


And now that the most important part is sorted, time to add my 2cents on where and how we will be approaching the New Year.


New Years Eve:


Come at me 2016 –BOOM!!

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