Pacific Fusion Fashion Show 2016 ‘What is this new pacific fashion show I am hearing about? Probably just another fashion show’….



Understand the WHY first. I am certain it will make you want to jump on board and support this NEW and EXCITING show.

The Pacific Fusion Fashion Show show shares the story of how generational journeys of settlement in New Zealand have been fused together to meet the needs of cultural and societal expectations in our communities.
Most of us share this same story. We are 1st generation Pacific islander’s born in New Zealand raised the traditional pacific way on cultural values and beliefs whilst living, working and educated in a western society. Our upbringing was a mixture of both Pacific and New Zealand influences which as a result caused some confusion on how we were supposed to act, who we represented and who we were as individuals. At some point in our lives we experienced a moment of identity crisis and asked ourselves ‘Am I Samoan/Tongan?’ or ‘Am I kiwi?’ This question was then further highlighted when we went to the islands and you were known as a kiwi and not a Samoan. #confusedmuch.

One of many reasons why the Pacific Fusion Fashion Show was birthed was to showcase the fashion design skill and talent of the new generation of pacific island designer’s who innovate with cohesion, creating a unique balance of diaspora living and traditional meaning. The fashion world sees the Pacific through traditional lenses (hibiscus in hair/ jandals /floral prints), often neglecting the influences and the journey’s of the pacific people living in diaspora.

The Pacific Fusion Fashion Show is about creating a platform that showcases creativity, innovation, originality and revolution of today’s NEW PACIFIC DESIGNER and this literally excites me as we as PACIFIC PEOPLE are going to show the world that we can do HIGH END FASHION!!

In addition, I hope it gives our Pacific people some clarity in regards to who we are.

When it comes to my own identity these are facts:

*O lo’u igoa o Nora Swann. O a’u o le Samoa

(My name is Nora Swann and I am Samoan)

*I am a kiwi

*And I am a proud Kiwi/Samoan

What I am saying is that you DON’T have to make a choice and pick one or the other; it’s OK to be both.


We are looking for 10x Established designers and 10x Emerging designers who can truly resonate with the above story to contact us.

Designers – Together let’s show the world what the Pacific has to offer when it comes to high end fashion!


We acknowledge our diverse community and due to the overwhelming interest from non-Pacific designers we are accepting applications from all cultures locally and internationally.


Team Fusions would like to thank all our partners who have come on board to date considering this is the inaugural event. To date we have 6 partners who will be revealed soon and continue to work on growing our partnerships.

We also are reaching out to any other organisations who resonate with our story to support the Pacific Fusion Fashion Show and help us bring this event to life by donating or funding our event.


Lastly to the ATeam who are helping me bring this vision to life – Thank you so much.

People have asked who my team consists of and I have said ‘They are people who BELIEVE and UNDERSTAND the IMPORTANCE of why this show needs to come to life which include a couple of ex kiwi pats currently living overseas.


So this is our introduction to you as well as the introduction to the next most exciting and innovative fashion event that will take place in Auckland this year!

Please show your support by sharing, liking and letting all your family and friends know about our event.

Nora xx

(Team dressed by City Chic and Karishma Design)