STRONG really is the new skinny Worth every single ache, pain and blister

I have a deep love of working out and being active. For a while I had been trying to find a place that challenged me and worked well with my family’s interests and routine.

Crossfit ticked all the boxes and is where I first realised how good it felt to be STRONG!



O to the MG seeing the athletes; especially the females power-jerk, do 30 minute AMRAPS, do clean and jerks (terms I didn’t know existed until I started at Crossfit) was all so inspiring!

And these are just everyday people, doing what they love, working on their own goals, at different stages of training yet still VERY supportive and encouraging of each other. It’s a very non-judgemental environment and I love it! A culture you definitely feel when you walk in the doors.


I was nervous when I first started because I knew my upper body; my arms in particular were very weak. Nicknamed ‘chicken arms’ by my family because my arms were long and lanky I knew I was going to struggle when it came to barbell work. To this day I still am a little embarrassed when I am only lifting 20kgs compared to everyone else (even my 13 year old daughter lifts more than I can) however I am constantly reminded that I am only in competition with myself.

6 months have gone past and we are still there and still going STRONG.

The owners of Crossfit Otara (CFO) Danny and Mihi Nemani and their team of coaches are incredible. On paper they have it all but what really stands out for me is that they are so passionate about crossfit and I am totally attracted to passion.



In addition to being a member of CFO I am also the onsite Personal Stylist. I am here to assist the CFO team with their personal images as they go through dramatic changes in body shape. It’s so cool to see physical changes in the team. Together we’ve witnessed each other’s journey of pain and sweat so to see the results of a new, stronger version of ourselves is worth every single pain, ache and blister.

My passion is to help individuals refine their personal image so that it reflects their true inner self. An image that brings their personality to life, describes the type of person that they are, emphasises their best features and works with their lifestyle.

Team Crossfit Otara – If you have any qs about your Personal Image; ask me whenever. Your current wardrobe probably doesn’t represent the ‘new you’ so let me help you connect with the new you. It could be while we’re running on Lovegrove or when you are bench pressing 100kg+ or when we’re both at the top of the rope climb, just ask away! x

(CFO members receive 15% discount on all Kila’s Style services.)


I am wearing AIMN Tropic 2.0 shorts. They feel comfortable, they fit well, are stretchy and very stylish!

Just another day at the CFO box where I’m trying to outdo myself from yesterday.



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