Introducing…….The Dancing Stylist *hands in the air, hips sway and a sneaky grin*

I toyed with this idea for a good year and I kept on revising the concept over and over again in my head until all the pieces of the puzzle finally came together allowing me to share the idea with others. Recreating Kila’s meant we needed to be CUTTING EDGE, EXCITING and ORIGINAL in every aspect of our revamped brand. One of these answers – DANCING STYLIST.

In order for the dancing stylist to develop I needed to get my biggest critic on board; my husband. One of many reasons why I love this guy is that he ‘keeps it real’. I come up with a lot of whacky ideas which I think are brilliant and he knocks most of them back (lol) however when I ‘presented’ him with the Dancing Stylist concept he actually liked it. – Yessss!!


Sugababes –Red Dress

The Sugababes wrote this song in collaboration with their producers based on the perception that women must expose their body to be noticed.

Cooler than the red dress = ‘I don’t need to be naked to be sexy’ OR ‘Stylin is the new sexy!’

I always get excited about anything in relation to ‘Women Empowerment’. (PS: I was one of the biggest Spice Girls fans back then) #Girl Power



Our Dancing Stylist feature will appear once a month giving you style tips on how to look and dress fabulously!

You will learn new style tips, you will be entertained, and you will fall in love. x

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  1. ha! Love it Nora!!! Love the song too! Following your journey still!! xx All the very best for 2016

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