Pacific Fusion Fashion Show 2016 ‘What is this new pacific fashion show I am hearing about? Probably just another fashion show’….



Understand the WHY first. I am certain it will make you want to jump on board and support this NEW and EXCITING show.

The Pacific Fusion Fashion Show show shares the story of how generational journeys of settlement in New Zealand have been fused together to meet the needs of cultural and societal expectations in our communities.
Most of us share this same story. We are 1st generation Pacific islander’s born in New Zealand raised the traditional pacific way on cultural values and beliefs whilst living, working and educated in a western society. Our upbringing was a mixture of both Pacific and New Zealand influences which as a result caused some confusion on how we were supposed to act, who we represented and who we were as individuals. At some point in our lives we experienced a moment of identity crisis and asked ourselves ‘Am I Samoan/Tongan?’ or ‘Am I kiwi?’ This question was then further highlighted when we went to the islands and you were known as a kiwi and not a Samoan. #confusedmuch.

One of many reasons why the Pacific Fusion Fashion Show was birthed was to showcase the fashion design skill and talent of the new generation of pacific island designer’s who innovate with cohesion, creating a unique balance of diaspora living and traditional meaning. The fashion world sees the Pacific through traditional lenses (hibiscus in hair/ jandals /floral prints), often neglecting the influences and the journey’s of the pacific people living in diaspora.

The Pacific Fusion Fashion Show is about creating a platform that showcases creativity, innovation, originality and revolution of today’s NEW PACIFIC DESIGNER and this literally excites me as we as PACIFIC PEOPLE are going to show the world that we can do HIGH END FASHION!!

In addition, I hope it gives our Pacific people some clarity in regards to who we are.

When it comes to my own identity these are facts:

*O lo’u igoa o Nora Swann. O a’u o le Samoa

(My name is Nora Swann and I am Samoan)

*I am a kiwi

*And I am a proud Kiwi/Samoan

What I am saying is that you DON’T have to make a choice and pick one or the other; it’s OK to be both.


We are looking for 10x Established designers and 10x Emerging designers who can truly resonate with the above story to contact us.

Designers – Together let’s show the world what the Pacific has to offer when it comes to high end fashion!


We acknowledge our diverse community and due to the overwhelming interest from non-Pacific designers we are accepting applications from all cultures locally and internationally.


Team Fusions would like to thank all our partners who have come on board to date considering this is the inaugural event. To date we have 6 partners who will be revealed soon and continue to work on growing our partnerships.

We also are reaching out to any other organisations who resonate with our story to support the Pacific Fusion Fashion Show and help us bring this event to life by donating or funding our event.


Lastly to the ATeam who are helping me bring this vision to life – Thank you so much.

People have asked who my team consists of and I have said ‘They are people who BELIEVE and UNDERSTAND the IMPORTANCE of why this show needs to come to life which include a couple of ex kiwi pats currently living overseas.


So this is our introduction to you as well as the introduction to the next most exciting and innovative fashion event that will take place in Auckland this year!

Please show your support by sharing, liking and letting all your family and friends know about our event.

Nora xx

(Team dressed by City Chic and Karishma Design)



Must haves – BOYFRIEND jeans Why? Because they fit better, look better and they remind you of him!


Some of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe I have nicked from my husband’s wardrobe and they include his blue jeans. I love that baggy feeling when they sit loosely on my hips; not only do they fit better but they even look better. Plus, isn’t it a good feeling wearing your Mr’s clothing?

I was looking forward to working on this next #dancingstylist video because casual style isn’t one of my strengths so I knew I was up for a challenge when putting together this casual outfit. For me it was important that this look still had the Kila’s Style touch of being extreme.

My husband is 1.8metres tall so I knew instantly I would be cuffing the jeans. Cuffing of the jeans automatically brings style to almost any casual outfit. It also allows you to accentuate your dressy shoes.

I teamed my boyfriend jeans up with the gorgeous Karishma Design Krysta ballet wrap top which then gave my outfit that touch of femininity. What I love about ballet wrap tops is that there are so many ways you can wear them. So the boyfriend jeans went from super casual to casual and comfortable yet stylish.

Then to take it to the next level, I added some OTT 80’s inspired earrings and the fake fur necklace and opted for a muted colours theme as the accessories and features of both the jeans and top were just enough to create a balanced look.

And as a result – My rendition of boyfriend jeans in a street style sense.

Enjoy our 3rd #DancingStylist video -BLUE JEANS

Care to share what’s really going on under there? This is me and I love what I see!!


First things first, let’s thank GOD almighty for making us in his image and creating us in different shapes and sizes. He then accessorised by giving us our own individual features. From the slender to curvaceous, the As to the DDs, a gorgeous behind, thigh gap/no thigh gap, smooth skin, scars – the list goes on and on.

But one word describes it all – BEAUTIFUL!!

It took me a while to understand and embrace both my vulnerabilities and strengths as a person. But once I finally recognised them my confidence naturally grew. What cemented my self-assurance was having my teenage daughter Kirin innocently point out features of mine that she thought were problematic. Naturally it set an alarm bell in my head and from then onwards I knew I needed to set an example for both my daughters.


Scenario One:

I tend to wear sleeveless tops and one day she asked:

K: ‘Mum, why do you always like to show your arms, your arms are so hairy?’

N: ‘yeah, I know but that’s OK. I’m used to them now and I quite like them’

K: ‘Why do you like them?’

N: ‘Because they are mine’.


Scenario Two:

When I wore my first bikini to the beach:

K: ‘Mum, why do you like to wear bikinis when you have stretch marks?’

N:‘I’m wearing it because we are going to the beach and I want to wear it. Plus, the sun’s out today so it’s going to let me tan them at the same time’.

This one really caught me by surprise because here I was testing my own confidence by wearing a bikini out in the open and then she asked the one question that made me want to go and hide under my bed.

I then told her how we shouldn’t limit ourselves on what we can and can’t do based on how we look because it was only restricting us from learning, experiencing, growing and living.


If there’s one thing I would LOVE to pass onto my daughters it is SELF-CONFIDENCE.

You need to learn to love yourself first in order to love your loved ones wholeheartedly.

Don’t just preach it; be living proof!


Sooooo in saying that I am now going to share with you this GREAT TIP I used which helped boost my own self-confidence.

PS: It is a bit cheeky however no-one will ever know about your sexy secret that’s going on under there :)


Whenever you need a pick me up boost of self-confidence:

  • Wear your favourite or sexiest underwear. Yes, I mean the underwear that usually only your significant other sees.

And if you need next level BOSS LADY confidence:

  • Wear no underwear at all!


I guarantee you if your under garments are ‘hot to trot’ you will be the SEXY, EMPOWERED, FEMININE BEAUTY and you’ll find you will start to build a positive relationship with your body regardless of your size. Furthermore you will discover that you have more favourite features than you initially thought.

After a few weeks of wearing your sexy undergarments or going commando, you’ll be walking tall with confidence and easily preaching ‘THIS IS ME AND I LOVE WHAT I SEE!’

Dear Valentine…… Don’t get friend zoned


Dear Valentine,

We’ve had a very strong relationship for nearly 20 years and you’ve been there for me through thick and thin. When I moved overseas and returned you followed me; now that’s what I call loyal. We know each other inside it, you know every single curve of my body, my favourite feature, my problematic areas and my favourite colours. You constantly remind me to be fair but know that I do favour some of you over others yet there is no judgement. At times I have reminisced about those who have departed because we no longer connected, through tragedies and those I let go because I felt others needed to feel your fabulousness and I still miss you.

If I was to lose you I honestly would not know what to do because the struggle is real getting out of bed each morning but waking up to you gives me hope. I know that you’ll set the mood for my day by injecting your pizzazz into me that makes me want to dance through the streets.

From the sequins, faux fur, leather, layers, embellishments, shoulder pads, floral prints right down to all your buttons and wrinkles; YOU I cannot live without!

You continue to help me every day; during the cold winters and even when the unexpected appears and then there are times when you want to humour yourself and as a result it is a hit and miss for me however nonetheless you always make me feel beautiful and for that I LOVE YOU!


You help me represent the REAL ME to the world and I am proclaiming it –


vday blog


What is your relationship with your wardrobe like?

(A) Are you lovers/BFFs?        If you can fully resonate with the above, then you have found your soulmate!!

(B) Are you friends?                 Your wardrobe gets some of your attention and you connect every now and then.

(C) Are you acquaintances?    Your wardrobe is there for the sake of you not leaving your house naked?

If you picked A – High Five

If you picked B or C read on girlfriend!


Your relationship with your wardrobe determines your image and your image tells the story of your personal style.

If you feel that your personal style is not in sync with your true inner self, then you need to re-create yourself by having a good thorough look through your wardrobe and ask yourself:

1) What is my Personal Style?

Am I a creative/elegant/classic/sexy/natural/feminine/dramatic?

Once you have determined what your personal style is then everything in your wardrobe that does not fall under your personal style needs to go.

2) What colours look good on me?

You will need to get your colours done so you know what colours compliment your natural complexion. Once you have determined the 20 colours, only keep these colours in your wardrobe.

3) What is my body type?

You need to find out which clothing types and fit compliment your body shape and help enhance your confidence. Anything that doesn’t work with your body type needs to be taken out.

4) Do these fit me?

All your clothes should fit. It does seem quite obvious but so many people wear clothes that are either too tight or too baggy and it is very unflattering.

There is also the dilemma of holding on to hope that one day you might fit into your fave dress from 2 years ago that cost you a fortune and giving it away would seem like a gesture of defeat however you are not doing yourself any favours. There is the possibility that it will go out of fashion and it is just hanging there taking up room.

5) How long have I had this for?

If you can’t remember when you last wore it or when you bought it, or they have fluff balls on them then they are too old and they need to go!

6) How appropriate is this?

Revealing clothes (such as low cut tops and hot pants) need to be worn at appropriate times as it can look unprofessional or distasteful. Find out how to wear these pieces so that you’re not giving the wrong impression at the wrong time.

7) Why do I have 4 pair of black skirts?

EXACTLY!  You don’t need duplicates. If the style, fit and length are similar keep your favourite pair and get rid of the rest.

8) Am I going to get this fixed soon?

Rips, missing buttons, potential alterations need to be addressed. If not get rid of them. Give them to a fashion tech student who would appreciate them for practise work.



During this process you are getting rid of all the clothes that don’t work for you, getting rid of the clutter and confusion and making room for the clothes that reflect your true inner self.

You are also giving your clothes some breathing space so they don’t end up smelling musty that can lead to mildew.

The next phase of your re-creational process is to start purchasing new clothes that follow your new found personal style.

As a result, EVERYTHING in your wardrobe becomes interchangeable and you won’t have any mix and matching issues. Just think of all those last minute occasions that pop up that you can now go to looking completely polished!

Of course you will need to be careful with mixing casuals, formals and seasonable pieces.

There is a lot of work that needs to be done initially however on the plus side it only needs to be done once and another positive is that if you don’t have time I can definitely help you.


STRONG really is the new skinny Worth every single ache, pain and blister


I have a deep love of working out and being active. For a while I had been trying to find a place that challenged me and worked well with my family’s interests and routine.

Crossfit ticked all the boxes and is where I first realised how good it felt to be STRONG!



O to the MG seeing the athletes; especially the females power-jerk, do 30 minute AMRAPS, do clean and jerks (terms I didn’t know existed until I started at Crossfit) was all so inspiring!

And these are just everyday people, doing what they love, working on their own goals, at different stages of training yet still VERY supportive and encouraging of each other. It’s a very non-judgemental environment and I love it! A culture you definitely feel when you walk in the doors.


I was nervous when I first started because I knew my upper body; my arms in particular were very weak. Nicknamed ‘chicken arms’ by my family because my arms were long and lanky I knew I was going to struggle when it came to barbell work. To this day I still am a little embarrassed when I am only lifting 20kgs compared to everyone else (even my 13 year old daughter lifts more than I can) however I am constantly reminded that I am only in competition with myself.

6 months have gone past and we are still there and still going STRONG.

The owners of Crossfit Otara (CFO) Danny and Mihi Nemani and their team of coaches are incredible. On paper they have it all but what really stands out for me is that they are so passionate about crossfit and I am totally attracted to passion.



In addition to being a member of CFO I am also the onsite Personal Stylist. I am here to assist the CFO team with their personal images as they go through dramatic changes in body shape. It’s so cool to see physical changes in the team. Together we’ve witnessed each other’s journey of pain and sweat so to see the results of a new, stronger version of ourselves is worth every single pain, ache and blister.

My passion is to help individuals refine their personal image so that it reflects their true inner self. An image that brings their personality to life, describes the type of person that they are, emphasises their best features and works with their lifestyle.

Team Crossfit Otara – If you have any qs about your Personal Image; ask me whenever. Your current wardrobe probably doesn’t represent the ‘new you’ so let me help you connect with the new you. It could be while we’re running on Lovegrove or when you are bench pressing 100kg+ or when we’re both at the top of the rope climb, just ask away! x

(CFO members receive 15% discount on all Kila’s Style services.)


I am wearing AIMN Tropic 2.0 shorts. They feel comfortable, they fit well, are stretchy and very stylish!

Just another day at the CFO box where I’m trying to outdo myself from yesterday.