Wear that look and OWN it! How to create your own unique style…..


It’s very important that you don’t let your clothes outshine you. Your outfits you put together should reflect your personal style and what you’re all about. Your outfits generally tell the world what you have planned for the day however it should also express how you’re feeling. If you’re feeling adventurous then wear that flamboyant top that sometimes has you in two minds and shout out “YEAH BABY!!” If you need a confidence booster for that big meeting, then wear that power suit and show them that you mean business.

Basically if you feel it, wear it otherwise don’t follow trends or styles for the sake of being fashionable. Make sure your outfit means something to you first otherwise you’ll find yourself looking and feeling awkward and uncomfortable.

If you have a style crush – that’s great, just don’t completely copy their style. The reason they look good is because they have found a style that reflects their personality and character, suits their body shape and works with their skintone. You can use their style as inspiration but put your own spin on it so it’s still a true representation of who you are. You do want to know who’s looking back at you when you look in the mirror.

Here’s a tip I use often to put my unique spin on my outfits. Try it, you’ll be surprised at what you come up with and I’m sure you’ll have heaps of fun in the process!

1 Pick one maxi floral dress. Here I am wearing the gorgeous Karishma Design dress which also has the cute shorts attached.


2 Pick one monochrome dress that is shorter in length and opens up as a jacket


3 Team them up with some heels that suit both outfits

4 And then wear them together to create your own unique look!

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Dear Valentine…… Don’t get friend zoned


Dear Valentine,

We’ve had a very strong relationship for nearly 20 years and you’ve been there for me through thick and thin. When I moved overseas and returned you followed me; now that’s what I call loyal. We know each other inside it, you know every single curve of my body, my favourite feature, my problematic areas and my favourite colours. You constantly remind me to be fair but know that I do favour some of you over others yet there is no judgement. At times I have reminisced about those who have departed because we no longer connected, through tragedies and those I let go because I felt others needed to feel your fabulousness and I still miss you.

If I was to lose you I honestly would not know what to do because the struggle is real getting out of bed each morning but waking up to you gives me hope. I know that you’ll set the mood for my day by injecting your pizzazz into me that makes me want to dance through the streets.

From the sequins, faux fur, leather, layers, embellishments, shoulder pads, floral prints right down to all your buttons and wrinkles; YOU I cannot live without!

You continue to help me every day; during the cold winters and even when the unexpected appears and then there are times when you want to humour yourself and as a result it is a hit and miss for me however nonetheless you always make me feel beautiful and for that I LOVE YOU!


You help me represent the REAL ME to the world and I am proclaiming it –


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What is your relationship with your wardrobe like?

(A) Are you lovers/BFFs?        If you can fully resonate with the above, then you have found your soulmate!!

(B) Are you friends?                 Your wardrobe gets some of your attention and you connect every now and then.

(C) Are you acquaintances?    Your wardrobe is there for the sake of you not leaving your house naked?

If you picked A – High Five

If you picked B or C read on girlfriend!


Your relationship with your wardrobe determines your image and your image tells the story of your personal style.

If you feel that your personal style is not in sync with your true inner self, then you need to re-create yourself by having a good thorough look through your wardrobe and ask yourself:

1) What is my Personal Style?

Am I a creative/elegant/classic/sexy/natural/feminine/dramatic?

Once you have determined what your personal style is then everything in your wardrobe that does not fall under your personal style needs to go.

2) What colours look good on me?

You will need to get your colours done so you know what colours compliment your natural complexion. Once you have determined the 20 colours, only keep these colours in your wardrobe.

3) What is my body type?

You need to find out which clothing types and fit compliment your body shape and help enhance your confidence. Anything that doesn’t work with your body type needs to be taken out.

4) Do these fit me?

All your clothes should fit. It does seem quite obvious but so many people wear clothes that are either too tight or too baggy and it is very unflattering.

There is also the dilemma of holding on to hope that one day you might fit into your fave dress from 2 years ago that cost you a fortune and giving it away would seem like a gesture of defeat however you are not doing yourself any favours. There is the possibility that it will go out of fashion and it is just hanging there taking up room.

5) How long have I had this for?

If you can’t remember when you last wore it or when you bought it, or they have fluff balls on them then they are too old and they need to go!

6) How appropriate is this?

Revealing clothes (such as low cut tops and hot pants) need to be worn at appropriate times as it can look unprofessional or distasteful. Find out how to wear these pieces so that you’re not giving the wrong impression at the wrong time.

7) Why do I have 4 pair of black skirts?

EXACTLY!  You don’t need duplicates. If the style, fit and length are similar keep your favourite pair and get rid of the rest.

8) Am I going to get this fixed soon?

Rips, missing buttons, potential alterations need to be addressed. If not get rid of them. Give them to a fashion tech student who would appreciate them for practise work.



During this process you are getting rid of all the clothes that don’t work for you, getting rid of the clutter and confusion and making room for the clothes that reflect your true inner self.

You are also giving your clothes some breathing space so they don’t end up smelling musty that can lead to mildew.

The next phase of your re-creational process is to start purchasing new clothes that follow your new found personal style.

As a result, EVERYTHING in your wardrobe becomes interchangeable and you won’t have any mix and matching issues. Just think of all those last minute occasions that pop up that you can now go to looking completely polished!

Of course you will need to be careful with mixing casuals, formals and seasonable pieces.

There is a lot of work that needs to be done initially however on the plus side it only needs to be done once and another positive is that if you don’t have time I can definitely help you.


Self proclaimed DIY-er Setting my creative juices on fire!


I am a DIY-er, clutter creating, mistake making, mish-mashin ‘somethin-outta-nuttin’ kinda lady.

The first time I saw the beauty in something so mundane was when I was about 10 years old and it was on a church beach trip. I fell in love with a thick tree branch that had all these smaller branches growing out of it and was stoked when I was able to persuade my mum to let me bring it home.

I envisioned painting it and hanging the few accessories I owned off the smaller branches. Long story short the beast never turned into the beauty so my mum threw it out.

To this day I still collect a lot of knick knacks that I think will look great as an outfit accessory, however it isn’t until I’m rummaging through my drawers that I remember that I have them. Here’s a classic example:


This necklace is a belt I just added brooches to.

One of the reasons I love to alter pieces of clothing is that it fuels my curiosity to create. My brain is constantly ticking, thinking, analysing, over-analysing so physically creating things allows me to get things outta my head and bring them to life whether they’re a hit or a piece of crap.


1 piece worn 4 ways

I am definitely one of those people who when I see something I really like or if I come up with an idea, I prefer to try and make it myself. Part of it is because I think if someone else can do it so can I and the other reason is that I get to learn something new, which means I’m challenging and working on myself.


up-style baby!

I always like to up-style things in my wardrobe especially my shoes by adding or taking off pieces where I can. I can stay in a haberdashery store like Dave’s Emporium for hours just looking at all the bits and bobs that will set the creative juices on fire.


More up-stylin


I say if you can put your mark on something, do it. I ALWAYS try and put the Kila’s Style touch to everything and I sprinkle that goodness everywhere!


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Introducing…….The Dancing Stylist *hands in the air, hips sway and a sneaky grin*


I toyed with this idea for a good year and I kept on revising the concept over and over again in my head until all the pieces of the puzzle finally came together allowing me to share the idea with others. Recreating Kila’s meant we needed to be CUTTING EDGE, EXCITING and ORIGINAL in every aspect of our revamped brand. One of these answers – DANCING STYLIST.

In order for the dancing stylist to develop I needed to get my biggest critic on board; my husband. One of many reasons why I love this guy is that he ‘keeps it real’. I come up with a lot of whacky ideas which I think are brilliant and he knocks most of them back (lol) however when I ‘presented’ him with the Dancing Stylist concept he actually liked it. – Yessss!!


Sugababes –Red Dress

The Sugababes wrote this song in collaboration with their producers based on the perception that women must expose their body to be noticed.

Cooler than the red dress = ‘I don’t need to be naked to be sexy’ OR ‘Stylin is the new sexy!’

I always get excited about anything in relation to ‘Women Empowerment’. (PS: I was one of the biggest Spice Girls fans back then) #Girl Power




Our Dancing Stylist feature will appear once a month giving you style tips on how to look and dress fabulously!

You will learn new style tips, you will be entertained, and you will fall in love. x

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The build up to my New Year’s Eve outfit The ultra-long, baby pink, busy, fluffy, frilly, tulle skirt with diamantes which screamed my name!



We’re 11 days out from the New Year so I’d better start thinking about my NYE outfit……

My husband Conroy mentioned doing our norm NYE routine of bar hopping , maybe a bit of gambling at the casino and some cocktails; the ultimate date night. We’ll most likely do this but the only thing on my mind is ‘What am I going to wear?’

At the moment only my shoes are sorted. I got some new shoes for the dancing stylist video clip and I up-styled them by adding some wooden clips to bring them to life. Now to find the perfect outfit to suit these shoes.


The before and after…

9 days and counting……

As much as I’d love to go and check out my favourite vintage store in the city I don’t have the time so I’ve settled for my local. I’ve always been an ‘op-shopper’. That horrid thought of wearing something the same as someone else gives me goose bumps. This is why I like to ‘up-style’ pieces or layer a lot of my outfits because it creates an entire new look – new vibe. It’s the confirmation that no one is going to have the same look as me.

So I walk in and all I see is a sea of red cocktail dresses for the festive season on display.

Note to self: ‘Don’t wear a red dress’. I check out the dresses section first, starting with my favourite; long and baggy with a print. Nothing jumps out at me. I go through the single coloured dresses aisle, more zzzzzs. I then go through the short dresses looking for bizarre prints, flamboyance, extreme proportions and I find a few. So I try them on but when I look at myself in the mirror nothing screams ‘Heeeck Yes!’

Disappointed I consider wearing separates and just as I walk towards the skirts section; this ultra-long, baby pink, busy, fluffy, frilly, tulle skirt with diamantes is SCREAMING my name and it’s in my size. What a bowling STRIKE moment!!

Then just like that I envision my NYE outfit and it doesn’t include my new shoes I originally picked…..lol


We’re now a week out from the New Year and I’ve had a couple of nights to think about the different pieces I could team up with the skirt. I decide that I want to wear it with one of these babies however I’m just trying to make my mind up on which tee and how I’d like to wear it. This will come to me once I have a little play around.


So I’m now all sorted with my NYE outfit a week in advance and it allows me to focus on the little things that will help give me that polished look from head to toe!


Don’t forget the cherries!


And now that the most important part is sorted, time to add my 2cents on where and how we will be approaching the New Year.


New Years Eve:


Come at me 2016 –BOOM!!