About Me

Hi I’m Nora, Kila’s Style is my vision of bringing style confidence, attitude and personality to everyday people. I am a self-proclaimed fashion junkie, my wardrobe is my haven and style is my passion – this is what I would LOVE to share with you. Let me bring my style-magic into your wardrobe with my ability to instantly visualise your look with and dress you to flatter your body type, accentuating your proud assets. Whatever you need I have got it covered – literally from your headpiece to your pedicure! So don’t hesitate! For your amazing new look, contact me at Kila’s Style and before you can say ‘fashionista’, you’ll be strutting the new you!


After winning Cleo Magazine’s competition ‘Who wants to be a fashion stylist?’ in 2011 Nora has steadily built up her own fashion styling business ‘Kila’s Style Ltd. The conditions of the competition were to explain in 100 words why you thought you’d be a great stylist and out of 4,000 entries nationally Nora won the competition allowing her to go on a fashion styling course to the value of $4,000 with Angela Stone one of New Zealand’s top fashion stylists.

Since then Nora has built her brand from a community brand to one that it being sought out by organisations for her connection with the community and young adults.

Notable achievements include:

  • NZ Eco Fashion Week in Wellington where Nora’s event concepts of Live Up-styling and the Clothing Swap have been demonstrated annually since 2013. The week festivities include workshops, seminars, pop-up shops and major runway events which showcase ethical, sustainable, ecologically friendly fashion by local, national and international designers.
  • Hunters Plaza White Sunday Fashion Show is an exclusive concept of Nora’s which demonstrates the variety of fashion that is available at Hunters Plaza. This inaugural event first took place in 2012.


To unleash the stylish person within each of us


To provide life changing experiences through a transformation of personal style that reflects ones true inner self.


We embrace Individuality

We are true to ourselves

We push ourselves to be adventurous and let our creativity go wild

We believe in positivity

We are passionate and determine

We strive to learn something new each day


About Me