I am a Personal Stylist.
My purpose is to bring out the best in others.
I advise individuals on how to dress to suit their personal style that reflects their true inner self. I help them feel confident in their own skin so they can look at their own body shape and think ‘This is me and I love what I see’. I teach them how to wear colours that accentuate their natural features as well as advise them on hair and makeup to suit. As a result it gives the individual a polished look from head to toe and allows them to unleash the stylish person that they are.

Introducing…….The Dancing Stylist *hands in the air, hips sway and a sneaky grin*


I toyed with this idea for a good year and I kept on revising the concept over and over again in my head until all the pieces of the puzzle finally came together allowing me to share the idea with others. Recreating Kila’s meant we needed to be CUTTING EDGE, EXCITING and ORIGINAL in every aspect of our revamped brand. One of these answers – DANCING STYLIST.

In order for the dancing stylist to develop I needed to get my biggest critic on board; my husband. One of many reasons why I love this guy is that he ‘keeps it real’. I come up with a lot of whacky ideas which I think are brilliant and he knocks most of them back (lol) however when I ‘presented’ him with the Dancing Stylist concept he actually liked it. – Yessss!!


Sugababes –Red Dress

The Sugababes wrote this song in collaboration with their producers based on the perception that women must expose their body to be noticed.

Cooler than the red dress = ‘I don’t need to be naked to be sexy’ OR ‘Stylin is the new sexy!’

I always get excited about anything in relation to ‘Women Empowerment’. (PS: I was one of the biggest Spice Girls fans back then) #Girl Power




Our Dancing Stylist feature will appear once a month giving you style tips on how to look and dress fabulously!

You will learn new style tips, you will be entertained, and you will fall in love. x

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The build up to my New Year’s Eve outfit The ultra-long, baby pink, busy, fluffy, frilly, tulle skirt with diamantes which screamed my name!



We’re 11 days out from the New Year so I’d better start thinking about my NYE outfit……

My husband Conroy mentioned doing our norm NYE routine of bar hopping , maybe a bit of gambling at the casino and some cocktails; the ultimate date night. We’ll most likely do this but the only thing on my mind is ‘What am I going to wear?’

At the moment only my shoes are sorted. I got some new shoes for the dancing stylist video clip and I up-styled them by adding some wooden clips to bring them to life. Now to find the perfect outfit to suit these shoes.


The before and after…

9 days and counting……

As much as I’d love to go and check out my favourite vintage store in the city I don’t have the time so I’ve settled for my local. I’ve always been an ‘op-shopper’. That horrid thought of wearing something the same as someone else gives me goose bumps. This is why I like to ‘up-style’ pieces or layer a lot of my outfits because it creates an entire new look – new vibe. It’s the confirmation that no one is going to have the same look as me.

So I walk in and all I see is a sea of red cocktail dresses for the festive season on display.

Note to self: ‘Don’t wear a red dress’. I check out the dresses section first, starting with my favourite; long and baggy with a print. Nothing jumps out at me. I go through the single coloured dresses aisle, more zzzzzs. I then go through the short dresses looking for bizarre prints, flamboyance, extreme proportions and I find a few. So I try them on but when I look at myself in the mirror nothing screams ‘Heeeck Yes!’

Disappointed I consider wearing separates and just as I walk towards the skirts section; this ultra-long, baby pink, busy, fluffy, frilly, tulle skirt with diamantes is SCREAMING my name and it’s in my size. What a bowling STRIKE moment!!

Then just like that I envision my NYE outfit and it doesn’t include my new shoes I originally picked…..lol


We’re now a week out from the New Year and I’ve had a couple of nights to think about the different pieces I could team up with the skirt. I decide that I want to wear it with one of these babies however I’m just trying to make my mind up on which tee and how I’d like to wear it. This will come to me once I have a little play around.


So I’m now all sorted with my NYE outfit a week in advance and it allows me to focus on the little things that will help give me that polished look from head to toe!


Don’t forget the cherries!


And now that the most important part is sorted, time to add my 2cents on where and how we will be approaching the New Year.


New Years Eve:


Come at me 2016 –BOOM!!

It’s all about the culture…… Kila’s Style is a lil bit of Nora, John, Ty and a lot of PASSION



As people are winding down for the year Team Kila’s are in full swing!

Man, it’s a great feeling to work with a team who are in sync with your thoughts. No longer are we running around like headless chooks gasping for air. For a while there we were turning craZy chasing our own tails, doing things for the sake of it. We lost the vision, the inspiration and the hope. Then we had that awkward conversation about what we as individuals wanted out of Kila’s and now our awesome team of 3 are united working towards the same goals which personify our passion.

The bread roll, sushi roll and crab are now in-sync!

The bread roll, sushi roll and crab are now in-sync!

We have our own individual strengths which as a team we utilise for the best outcome and we assist each other when we come up against personal obstacles. Our values we stand for are a true representation of who we are as individuals and as Team Kila’s.

Every now and then I test our team and ask them what our vision, mission and values (VMV) are. It’s always an awkward cicada moment with no eye contact. lol It’s important we know these inside out as it’s a reminder of who we are and what our purpose is. Everything we do needs to be in alignment with our VMV in order for us to grow. However to be honest I am still trying to memorise the last few values. One day I’m sure someone from our team is going to put me on the spot and show me up with the same question.


Meet John; John has a Bachelor of Design majoring in textiles. As you can see his fashion sense is out of this world furthermore his creative thought process is truly heaven sent! He’s been with us for nearly 2 years and from day one John has been wowing me with his flamboyance. He offers much much more than just his painted nails and PRADA bag though :)


Ty is determined, diligent, and resolute. If we need things done, she is our GO TO GIRL. She has been with us since day one and has blossomed into an astute young lady. May I add ‘on this occasion only’ that she is my niece. We have figured out how to make our relationship work when it comes to Kila’s. I don’t see her as my niece and she doesn’t see me as her aunt – and it works for us!


This recreational process has been a blessing for Kila’s Style. We are so amped as we work on some exciting upcoming projects which includes our new ‘Dancing Stylist’ feature that will go live next month!  With weekly catch ups that keep us both accountable and inspired I know for a fact Team Kila’s is definitely going to be a force to be reckoned with as we get ready for 2016!

Team Kila’s is a lil bit of Nora, John, Ty and a lot of PASSION.

Merry Xmas from Team Kila's! x

Merry Xmas from Team Kila’s! x

The aim is always OTT!! Customised Costume Consultation

Customised Costume Consultation

Customised Costume Consultation


The aim is always OTT!!

I went to a ‘hawaii’ themed party and rather than hire a costume I decided to create my own costume using clothes and accessories I already owned.

I offer a Customised Costume Consultation service where I put together a costume that is going to stand out in the crowd. We can use clothes from your current wardrobe; get an entire new outfit or a combination of both.


Style on a budget being cool/edgy/sexy



Style on a budget.

I found this dress at an op-shop and it was long and daggy but I could see the potential of it being cool/edgy/sexy and something that I would wear.

I got it altered and teamed it up with my some ankle boots, polished my own nails and a couple of clips managed to maintain my ‘unkept hair’.

Felt like a million bucks – #winning

Ask me about my Alterations Consultation service.