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Are you ready to take your fashion sense to a whole new level? Whether you're all about keeping up with the latest trends; wanting to step out of your comfort zone, or possibly even looking to extend your own 'cute-but-not-quite-there' style - Kila’s Style can definitely impart some fashion-wisdom to make your look one you can be exceptionally proud of.

Style is all about confidence, attitude and personality! With this in mind, let us help you to unleash the stylish person within. Kila's Style will create a new look to suit your personal style and lifestyle - from head to toe you will be transformed into a fashionista!



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The Special Occassion Makeover

Put together an entire look that’ll make you shine whatever the occasion. Have your colour consultation, then go shopping with an expert. Hair and make up additional.

wardrobe assessments

The New You Makeover

Ready to unleash a whole new you? Have your colour consultation, then get your wardrobe assessed. Go shopping with an expert to complete the experience and you’ll be well on your way to the new and improved YOU! Motivation expert and/or hair and makeup additional.

colour consultations

Colour Consultations

Determine which skin undertone you belong to and what colours will accentuate your natural features. When you find out what 'season' you are, you will be amazed at the palette that will best suit you and bring out your best.

colour party

Colour Partys

If you're looking for something different for a special event, ask about a Kila's Style Colour Party - perfect for a Hen's party, birthday or special team building event.

wardrobe assessments

Wardrobe Assessments

If you're tired of seeing unworn items in your wardrobe why not have it analysed?Get advice on what combinations works best for your body type and colour tone and what you should keep, alter or throw away!

colour consultations

Personal Shopping

Shop with an expert and gain style tips on how to put together a complete outfit. This one-on-one experience may be at your favourite store/s or recommended by Kila's Style.



Find out how to revive your clothing, how to wear it and how best to accessorise. Tailor it or update and give it a completely new look.

costume consultations

Costume Consultations

Get advice on how to put together a costume that is going to stand out in the crowd. Use what you have or something created from scratch.

tee swap

Tee Swap

In support of other business and organisations the tee swap is a great way to increase awareness. The tee is a staple piece of clothing in your wardrobe. Here I show you how to dress up a tee and look fabulous!

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Client testimonials

“I’m a sucker for believing retail assistants when they tell me ‘oh wow, that colour looks great on you’ – so I would buy the item, go home, wear it once and all the while feeling like I had just been ripped off! However, on a recent trip to NZ I was lucky enough to have my Colour Consultation done by Kila's Style. And I must say, I am amazed – and surprised – at the colours that really do bring out my features. By physically placing an array of tones around my face, I could definitely see that the ‘Autumn’ palette made my skin glow. I can now go about and buy clothes in the right colours for me without any second guessing! No more money wasted here.”
- Rita Gale, Melbourne, Australia.

“Initially I was very nervous as my wardrobe was a complete shambles, it was impossible to find something to wear so I would always recycle the same clothes almost every week. Kila’s Style intervened and helped organize my wardrobe, re-create stunning styles with clothes that hadn’t seen the light of day for years and made it all seem so easy. I also received suggestions on purchases that would not only help save money but help maximize items I already had. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience, I learnt so much, had fun and would recommend a consultation to any-one interested in self esteem and confidence boost.”
- Jessica Toleafoa, South Auckland, NZ

costume consultations

Hi I'm Nora

Kila’s Style is my vision of bringing style confidence, attitude and personality to everyday people. I am a self-proclaimed fashion junkie, my wardrobe is my haven and style is my passion, one of wish I’d love to share with you! I can bring my style-magic into your wardrobe with my ability to instantly visualise your look. I have the ability to dress your body type to accentuate your proud assets, whatever you need I have got it covered - literally from your headpiece to your pedicure!

So don't hesitate! For your amazing new look, contact me at Kila’s Style and before you can say 'fashionista', you'll be strutting the new you!


2015 - Self-Worth workshops with teenage girls
In collaboration with MADD MESSENGER

2015 - NZ Eco Fashion Week - Wellington
LIVE Up-styling Segment - 'Monochromatic Eras'

2014 - FIRST EVER International Live up-styling show
Dare2Dream - Melbourne Australia

2014 YTribe Challenge
Kila's Style represents the fashion industry in the Say Yeah Nay Alcohol Campaign promoting positive choices for pacific island people

2013 NZ Eco Fashion Exposed - Wellington
Host of Shwop and Style

2013 NZ Eco Fashion Exposed - Wellington
Tshirt challenge; Runway event

2012 Hunters Plaza Fashion Show
Hunters Plaza Shopping Centres first ever fashion show hosted by Kila's Style

2011 Cleo Magazine Winner
'Who wants to be a fashion stylist?'

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